EPISODE 006: Trauma and Autism with Robert Cox

Robert resides in the Kansas City, MO area and has a Master’s degree in counseling. He specializes in trauma, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and addictions. He is in the process of finishing his book, The Life Recovery Method: Autism Treatment from a Trauma Perspective. Robert also launched the podcast, “Listening to Autism” on January 30th 2017!


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Websites Referenced in this Episode:
Mendability: Sensory Enrichment Therapy
Sounds True: Transformational Programs

Mindfulness Resources:
Eckhart Tolle: A Life of Purpose and Presence
Jon Kabbat Zin
The Mindsight Institute

Mobile Apps:
Stop, Breathe, and Think app
The iChill app

Get in Touch with Robert Cox:
Robert’s Facebook page
Email: Robert@liferecoveryconsulting.com