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Life Without Limits

Life Without Limits

  Cecilia Coble is a member of the Fishers City Council. She is married to Mike, and has two children: Alexa and Crysta. Crysta has […]

Angie Mahoney

Angie Mahoney M.Ed.

LISTEN TO ANGIE’S EPISODE, BELOW! Angie Mahoney is a Special Education case manager at a middle school in Connecticut. She has worked with students of […]

Autism Mental Health Awareness

Autism Mental Health Awareness (AMHA)

 Autism Mental Health Awareness (AMHA) is an independently run project, founded by Sonny Hawkins in the UK. It is supported by Fixers, an organization […]

Picasso Einstein

Picasso Einstein

Everyone has a passion and love for some activity and while engaged in those activities, individuals demonstrate their skills, talents, and focus. Once that love […]

Bo Label at the Table Food Company

No Label At The Table

No Label At The Table is a gluten and dairy free food company whose mission is to employ and provide job skills training to people […]

giving hope foundation

Giving Family Hope

Mission: The Giving Family Hope Center is being developed as a Community Wellness Center with the sole purpose of providing therapeutic support to families and […]

BEHCA: A Behavior Tracking Tool

A Webinar with Torri Wright-Krol & Michael Krol       Have you ever spent your evening texting back and forth to a co-worker getting […]

Autistic adults train for jobs

Adults with Autism Learn Life and Job Skills at New Facility

Turning 21 is a time when most people celebrate their first steps into adulthood. But for young people with autism and their families, turning 21 […]

Swathi Chettipally

 At first glance, one would not know that Amy has a disability. However, when you start talking to her, it becomes evident that her […]

Megan Stevenson / Erskine Green Training Institute

Megan Stevenson is the Director of the Erskine Green Training Institute in Muncie, IN. Erskine Green Training Institute (EGTI), founded by The Arc of Indiana […]